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Are you searching for “Apple Watch repairs near me” in the UK? You’ve come to the right place. iTechnician is a network of over 300 qualified Apple device technicians, iTechs, that can help repair your Apple Watch anywhere in the United Kingdom.

While there’s a lot to love with Apple’s stylish new line of Watch products, they aren’t without faults or problems, either. That’s where iTechnician can help. Your device is in good hands when you choose one of our reliable iTechs for Apple Watch repairs.

iTechnician is your number one choice for quick and affordable repairs for your Apple Watch. Our iTechs can repair everything from cracked screens to issues with the digital crown, battery and power issues, and much more. Keep your Apple Watch tick, tick, ticking with professional repair services found here on iTechnician.

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Types of Apple Watch repair services

Some of the most common types of Apple Watch repair services our iTechs offer include:

  • Cracked screen: although Apple boasts a “crack resistant front crystal” for its Series 7 Watch products, all Apple Watch screens are still prone to cracking. Replacement screens can be procured and fitted by iTechs.
  • Screen popping out of casing: many Apple Watch owners have experienced the screen popping out of the watch casing altogether, which can come from older, swollen batteries. Our iTechs can resolve this problem.
  • Digital crown issues: while newer Apple Watch models boast IP dust resistance ratings, older models can become sluggish or unresponsive due to built-up dust and gunk. Our iTechs can clean your Apple Watch digital crown and resolve any underlying issues with responsiveness.
  • Battery & power issues: the Apple Watch has a notoriously short battery life, achieving 18 hours at best. If your Watch is unable to charge or holds a significantly smaller charge than anticipated, there may be a problem with the battery or charger.
  • Device overheating: some Apple Watch users have complained of the SE models overheating after the screen has sustained damage. iTechs can help resolve problems of overheating.
  • Water damage: although newer Apple Watch models are advertised as suitable for swimming and boast an IP rating, older models should not be submerged in water. If your Apple Watch has sustained water damage, our iTechs may be able to assist you.
  • Device not turning on: if your Apple Watch is unresponsive or does not turn on when you rotate your wrist, the problem may be due to the battery or it may be a system issue. Our iTechs can resolve these problems.

Since the initial release of the Apple Watch (1st generation) in 2015, Apple has generally improved many of the early quirks with its newer iterations. Nevertheless, problems do persist and that’s where iTechs can help.

Do all iTechs provide the same services?

Most of the iTechs listed on iTechnician tend to specialise in iPhone repair, iPad repair, and Mac repair services, although many also work with Apple Watch products due to their widespread popularity.

Some factors that Apple Watch owners should consider are the availability of parts and components from third-party Apple repair technicians as well as their expertise in working with Apple Watch products. Screens, for example, were notoriously difficult to procure for the earliest models due to the novelty of smartwatches in 2015.

If you’ve been searching for “Apple Watch repairs near me” then please don’t hesitate to use iTechnician to find an iTech in your postcode, anywhere in the UK, and reach out to them by clicking on “REPAIR MY DEVICE” and asking if they repair Apple Watch devices.

Which Apple Watch models can our iTechs repair?

iTechs can help provide you with quick and affordable repairs for a wide variety of Apple Watch models ranging from the early 1st generation up to Series 7, SE, and the various collections thereof, including Nike+, Hermès, and Edition variants.

As of 2022, Apple no longer provides support for Apple Watch (1st generation), Series 1, and Series 2 devices. These older devices may be repaired by a third-party Apple device technician such as those found right here on iTechnician.

Is a faulty Apple Watch worth selling?

Our iTechs will endeavour to provide you with speedy, affordable repairs for your Apple Watch whenever possible. If there’s a problem that they simply cannot fix, either due to a lack of supported parts or components, the device is beyond repair, or repairs will cost more than purchasing a new model, the device may simply be worthless.

As with all electronics waste (e-waste), Apple Watches need to be properly discarded with other e-waste. Rare earth minerals and salvageable components within the device may have some value, however, so your iTech may be able to offer you a small amount in cash for your broken Apple Watch.

Apple Watch repair process simplified

Step 1: find a reputable iTech near you

Start using iTechnician today and find trustworthy Apple Watch repair technicians near you by clicking on “REPAIR MY DEVICE” above. Enter your postcode to find nearby iTechs.

Step 2: choose the right iTech for your needs

Read through the profiles of our member partners and request a FREE, no-obligation quote from your preferred iTech (or multiple, if you want). They’ll receive a real-time quote request and get back to you with their best price to repair your Apple watch.

Step 3: meet the iTech in-store or have them come to you

Either drop off your Apple Watch at the iTech’s store location or arrange to have them meet you at home or your place of work or study to provide mobile repair services.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to fix an Apple Watch screen?

Apple has a notorious reputation of not really repairing Apple Watch crystal displays, but rather issuing you a replacement model at full cost. If you’ve opted for AppleCare+, the cost of repairing the screen is covered by incidental damage excess fees of £49 to £55, depending on the model.

What can I do with my broken Apple Watch?

If your Apple Watch is completely broken and beyond repair, you can replace it with a newer model or have it recycled with electronics waste. If your Apple Watch is broken and can be repaired, it is often best to choose a third-party Apple device repair technician such as an iTech found here on iTechnician.

Why is an Apple Watch screen replacement so expensive?

Replacement display screens for the Apple Watch from Apple tend to be expensive, often costing half the original purchase price or more. The reason is that Apple do not actually repair the screen but instead issue a replacement model altogether. If you need to have your Apple Watch screen replaced, contact an iTech near you by using iTechnician.

Is it cheaper repair or buy a new Apple Watch?

When dealing with official Apple service, the cost of repairing your Apple Watch are simply too high and it is often best to simply buy a new model. If you choose a third-party Apple device repair technician such as an iTech from iTechnician, the cost of repairs can be substantially lower and therefore it makes economic sense to repair rather than replace your Watch.

How much does it cost to fix a broken Apple Watch?

This is a really big “it depends,” but consider the following:

  • Complexity: many Apple Watch problems can be solved without opening up the device, but if the device needs to be opened the repairs may be much more complex and therefore cost more.
  • Parts & labour: if your Apple Watch requires replacement parts or components, the iTech will charge you for these parts as well as the labour required to repair the device. Software-related issues will only cost labour.
  • Warranty: in accordance with English consumer laws, Apple Watch products sold in England are covered by a mandatory one-year warranty from the initial date of purchase. Products that are out-of-warranty will therefore cost more to repair than those still under warranty.
  • AppleCare+: Apple Watch owners that have opted for AppleCare+ can enjoy incidental damage repairs twice per year with a £49 to £55 excess, depending on the Watch model.
  • Location: if you intend to drop off your Apple Watch in-store, the cost will often be lower than if you require the iTech to come to your location.
  • Service availability: if you require urgent Apple Watch repairs during the evening, weekend, or bank holidays, the iTech may charge a premium fee for off-hours service.

Affordable Watch repair services near you

Keep your Apple Watch ticking away smoothly on your wrist with the affordable, reliable services provided by our iTechs here on iTechnician.