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Are you searching online for "iPhone repair near me?" Let iTechnician take care of your beloved iPhone, no matter the model, with quick and affordable repairs from qualified and trustworthy iTechs located all across the United Kingdom.

These days, a smartphone is absolutely necessary for productivity, entertainment, and staying in touch with colleagues and loved ones. Don't go a day too long with a broken iPhone and get it repaired by our professional iTechs.

Our platform enables you to find iTechs that can help with everything from water damaged iPhones, cracked iPhone screens, iPhones that can no longer hold a charge, and much more. With help from iTechnician and our network of over 300 iTechs located in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, you can get your iPhone working at peak performance - quickly and at competitive prices.

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Types of iPhone repair services

Some of the most common types of iPhone repair services our iTechs offer include:

  • Cracked screen: probably the most common problem with all iPhones, a cracked screen can be either a minor nuisance or severely limit your enjoyment and ability to use your phone. Get a new, high-quality screen for your iPhone.
  • Water damage: dropped your iPhone in water and it won't turn on? Don't try to turn it on! Newer iPhones might be water resistant, but they're not altogether impervious to water damage.
  • Not charging: perhaps your Apple charger isn't working properly, perhaps the USB port is damaged. If your iPhone isn't charging or is charging far too slowly, let our iTechs have a look at it and repair it for you.
  • Not holding a charge: over time, your iPhone may not be holding a full charge like it used to. If the battery is draining far too fast, it may be possible to address the problem with app usage or it may simply be a battery issue that needs to be resolved.
  • Camera not working: can't get your iPhone camera to work properly? The problem may have to do with your camera app settings, but sometimes the problem is related to the hardware itself.
  • Stuck volume button: is your iPhone volume button stuck? If it's becoming embarrassing to answer calls due to the high volume, get in touch with an iTech to have the problem resolved.
  • Touchscreen not working: have you experienced the infamous White Screen of Death or is your iPhone stuck on a black screen? You could try resetting the device, but sometimes that isn't enough to get it working again. Our qualified iTechs can resolve the problem for you.

There are many other problems that iPhone owners may face, which is why we strongly recommend you find a trustworthy technician near you to fix just about any iPhone problem.

Do all iTechs provide the same services?

No, nor do they all operate during the same business hours. Most specialise in repairing software and hardware-related issues for all iPhone models, but some may have more expertise working with newer models and some may have more available parts and components to repair specific models.

All our iTechs will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote and they'll let you know if they are capable of resolving whichever problem you may be facing.

Which iPhones can iTechs repair?

iTechs vary in expertise and areas of specialisation, so it really depends. Most of the technicians are proficient with iPhone models ranging from the older iPhone 5 all the way to more current models such as the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

In terms of parts and components such as screens, batteries, and USB charging ports, most iTechs will stock an inventory of parts and components for the latest models. For older models, the technicians may need to order parts.

Will I be paid for my broken iPhone?

If your iPhone is beyond repair, you may be wondering what to do with it. As electronic devices, iPhones should be discarded with electronic waste. Some high street electronics shops allow customers to throw away batteries and/or electronics, but doing so yourself at a recycling yard will cost you money and is therefore impractical.

iPhones shouldn't be tossed into the rubbish bin, so consider selling it for parts instead. Depending on the model and salvageable parts and components, our iTechs may be willing to give you cash for your broken iPhone. How much really depends, but even a few quid isn't too bad.

Our iPhone repair process simplified

Step 1: find a reputable iTech near you

Use iTechnician to find reputable and affordable iPhone repairs near you, anywhere in the UK. Simply click on "REPAIR MY DEVICE" above and enter your postcode to find Apple device technicians in your town or city.

Step 2: choose the right iTech for your needs

Browse through our vetted and approved member partners operating in your postcode. Request one or more no-obligation quotes for iPhone repair services near you. Our iTechs will receive real-time quote requests and get back to you.

Step 3: meet the iTech in-store or have them come to you

Drop off your iPhone in a brick-and-mortar shop or you can arrange for the technician to meet you at work, home, or wherever you happen to be. Enquire with your preferred iTech about these services and have your iPhone repaired with minimal disruption to your day.

Frequently asked questions

How long do iPhone repairs take?

iPhone repairs from Apple can take a week or longer to complete, but iPhone repairs by our qualified iTechs can be done on the same-day or next day, depending on the complexity of the repairs, your location, and their availability.

Can I repair my iPhone myself?

It is possible to perform many simple repairs on an iPhone by yourself, provided you have some knowledge and experience with electronic repairs and the tools and components needed to perform the repairs. For many people, it's far more convenient to have your iPhone repaired properly by qualified and experienced technicians.

Is it cheaper to replace or repair my iPhone?

In most cases, it is far cheaper to repair your iPhone than it is to replace it. One notable exception to this is having your iPhone repaired by Apple when the device is out of warranty or if you've neglected to opt into AppleCare+. In such cases, repairs are prohibitively expensive. Instead, use iTechnician for quick and affordable iPhone repairs near you.

How many years does an iPhone last?

At a bare minimum, smartphones should last 2-3 years. New iPhones should ideally last around 5-7 years. Many problems can occur in that time, however, that can greatly reduce the lifespan of your iPhone. To get the most life out of your iPhone, keep it well-maintained and resolve any problems sooner rather than later.

How much does it cost to fix a broken iPhone?

This is a big question "it depends," but consider the following:

  • Complexity: some iPhone problems can be solved simply with the good old "turn it off then on again," but most require some marginal amount of labour and skills. The more complex the problem, the more the repairs can be expected to cost.
  • Parts & labour: depending on the type of repairs, parts and components may be required in addition to labour. The cost of any parts will be charged to the customer and markups vary depending on the technician, as does the cost of labour.
  • Warranty: Apple iPhones sold in the UK come with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase, in accordance with UK consumer laws. This does not include modifications to the device nor does it cover accidental damage. Out of warranty repairs will cost money whereas damage under warranty is free of charge.
  • AppleCare+: iPhone models purchased with AppleCare+ can be repaired at any Apple location with an excess of £25 for screen damage or £79 for all other repairs. iPhone owners without AppleCare+ can expect to pay a significant sum (up to £316) for any repairs by Apple.
  • Location: customers requesting a visit by an iTech should consider that if they must drive a significant distance to the customer's home, they may be charged for mileage and labour.
  • Service availability: in cases of urgency, some technicians may be able to provide same-day repair services, but this may come with additional charges. After-hours callouts for repairs, if provided, will also likely come with additional charges.

How to find affordable iPhone repair services near you

Want to have your iPhone repaired at affordable prices with quality parts by skilled technicians? Try iTechnician and receive one or more FREE, no-obligation quotes from iTechs located across the UK.