Apple Watch (Series 7)


There was, as usual, a great deal of speculation prior to Apple’s 2021 product launch. Firstly, as to how it would be delivered during a global pandemic, and naturally, what new products would be announced. Apple certainly didn’t disappoint - it held a virtual Apple Special Event, titled ‘California Streaming’ from an empty auditorium in Cupertino (California) on September 14 2021. This event was watched by over 2 million avid Apple fans via YouTube. At the event, no less than four new iPhones (the iPhone 13 range), two new iPads (including an iPad Mini) and a new Apple Watch – the 7th Generation, were revealed.

The iPhones and iPads were available for sale from September 24 onwards, but the Apple Watch Series 7 was only made available to pre-order from October 8, and shipped from October 15 onwards. The seventh generation of Apple Watch superseded the 2020 Apple Watch Series 6, and was notable for its case being 1mm larger, allowing the display to be 20% bigger than the previous version, with a softer, more rounded outline. The display was stated to be 70% brighter in indoor conditions, with a more crack-resistant crystal, water and dust resistant (certified WR50 and IP6X respectively) and faster-charging (a 33% improvement).

Available in two sizes, 41 and 45 mm, the Apple Watch 7 was also notable for having an 18-hour battery life, enough to last all day for the average user, and it was claimed the battery could be charged from totally flat to 80% within around 45 minutes. Apple Watch 7 incorporated all the health and fitness tracking capabilities of Apple Watch 6, but the screen display had been updated to enable more information to be more readily viewable, and there were a number of new faces made available including global time-zone tracking. The aluminium case on the lower-level models came in five colours, with steel and titanium-case models available, and any band bought for the previous Apple Watch would also fit this model.


  • Case Options: Aluminium
  • 41mm Display: Retina LTPO OLED
  • Resolution: 352x430
  • 45mm Display: Retina LTPO OLED
  • Resolution: 396x484
  • CPU: Apple S7
  • Storage capacity: 32GB
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n, dual-band
  • Bluetooth: 5.0, A2DP, LE


You may have had to wait an extra month to get your hands on Apple Watch 7, but once you’ve worn a smart watch, you will appreciate how convenient they are, and how much valuable information is available with just a glance at your wrist. Whether you’re on a fitness improvement regime, recovering from illness or injury, or just want to know what’s going on both within your own body and the world around you, you will soon come to rely on your highly-wearable Apple Watch 7 for information. The fact that the display is rather larger and better-designed for readability than previous versions will make it easier to gain the info you need, and the improved durability and rounded corners make this generation 7 Apple Watch more robust than before.

But, a note of caution - it's important to consider that your wearable device is more than just a watch, and the fact that you will be wearing it at work, at rest, at play and during sport or exercise will make it vulnerable to damage from all types of sources. If something does go wrong and you manage to damage the OLED display, your Watch develops a charging fault or becomes unresponsive to touch, you won’t be able to drop it in at a local jeweller’s shop or ask your local watch repairer for help – you will need the skills and experience of an Apple Watch expert.

If you need help to get your Apple Watch Series 7 back in full working order, relax - we have just the suggestion for you. Our UK-wide network of local iTechnicians is on hand to solve all the problems you may be encountering with your Apple device. Their expertise is continually being updated to cover all the latest Apple products, including Apple Watch 7, so you can go to them with confidence for an Apple Watch repair. They are committed to providing fast, high-quality repairs at an affordable price, and you can take advantage of a range of services they offer. From dropping your Apple Watch 7 in at the store for a repair, or calling out an iTechnician to your workplace or home, they will deliver the same high-quality service on repair such as:

  • Screen repair (LCD & Glass)
  • Battery replacement
  • Power button repair
  • Water / liquid damage repair
  • Microphone repair
  • Speaker repair
  • Diagnostic service


Apple Watch (Series 7) repair costs vary and are constantly changing. We will keep updating this page so you can get an idea on what you should be paying for repairs in your area.

Date Device iTech Location Repair Cost

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