Apple Watch Ultra


Apple Watch played a prominent role in the annual Apple launch Event in September 2022. As well as the new iPhone 14 range, we witnessed the launch of three Apple Watch models. There was Apple Watch Series 8 (the follow-on to Apple Watch Series 7) as well as the second-generation of Apple Watch SE, but the star of the line-up was the brand-new Apple Watch Ultra. Available in a large-sized 49 mm titanium case and with a stunning 36-hour battery life, this was the ruggedest and toughest of all the Apple Watch models to date. All the 2022 Watch series were on-sale and ready to ship within September 2022, so eager fans didn’t need to wait long to get their hands on these desirable wearables. The stellar themed ‘Far Out’ event itself was a hybrid of live show and pre-recordings, with Apple CEO Tim Cook personally on-stage, and a real live audience watching the whole thing from the arena. It was certainly good to sense the vibe that can only come from a live crowd after so many months of restrictions and cancelled audience presence.

Apple Watch Ultra was presented as ideal for extreme sports and diving fans, as it not only featured a larger case (49 mm as opposed to 45 mm) than any previous model, giving improved visibility of read-outs, it had a durable titanium case, with a flush-fitting front crystal made from sapphire glass for crack-resistance. Also of note was the addition of an orange ‘action’ button, and the side button and digital crown had been made larger and more prominent to enable ease of operation in difficult conditions and when wearing gloves. As well as all the features of the Apple Watch Series 8 such as health, temperature and cycle monitors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, crash detection and emergency call capability, the Ultra was fitted with a siren which could prove a lifesaver for a hobby diver in trouble. The battery life was stated to be 36 hours on one charge, which would be time enough to complete an ultra event such as a triathlon (swim, run, cycle), but if the Watch was operated on low-power mode, this could be extended to an amazing 60 hours. The Apple Watch Ultra came with a choice of three types of bands, able to stand up to a variety of thrilling activities such as ocean sports, athletics and endurance sports.


  • Case Options: Titanium
  • Band Options: Ocean Band, Trail Loop, Alpine Loop
  • Display: 49 mm Retina OLED
  • Resolution: 410x502
  • CPU: Apple S8
  • Storage capacity: 32GB
  • RAM: 1.5GB
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n, dual-band
  • Bluetooth: 5.0


The Apple Watch Ultra was designed to be rugged, tough and able to cope with more or less anything the wearer chose to put it through in pursuit of extreme sports and athletic perfection. In addition to all the monitoring functions we have come to expect from a smart watch such as heart rate, blood oxygen and fitness level metrics, the Ultra was able to fill another need – to be a dive monitor replacement for hobby divers. It’s easy to see that a diver is extremely reliant on their dive monitor, it gives them a great deal of vital information such as where they are in the water, what depth they are at and crucially when preparing to get back to the surface, what (if any) decompression stops are needed. Get this wrong, and the consequences could be very serious indeed. In order to deliver this vital service to the wearer, the Watch needs to be functioning perfectly, so if you have any doubts at all as to the efficient performance of your Apple Watch Ultra, it's a good idea to get it checked out to be certain you can trust it to keep you out of trouble.

Even the tough and durable Apple Watch Ultra can suffer damage during extreme events, or could develop some kind of internal fault – after all, it is a high-technology computer, even though you wear it on your wrist. Don’t take the risk of putting your Apple Watch Ultra into the hands of someone who may not be experienced in handling these highly complex and delicate devices, go to the experts in Apple Watch Repairs, the iTechnician network. Our network of skilled Apple Watch repair technicians covers the whole of the UK, so there will be a repair centre located nearby when you need one. Many of the iTechs offer a mobile service and are happy to come out to a suitable location to service or repair your Apple Watch Ultra. There is also usually an option to call in with your Watch or mail it in for repair. Whichever repair option you go for, you can be sure that your iTechnician will deliver excellent customer service and a high-quality repair at a price that won’t be beaten in the local area.

  • Screen repair (LCD & Glass)
  • Battery replacement
  • Power button repair
  • Water / liquid damage repair
  • Microphone repair
  • Speaker repair
  • Diagnostic service


Apple Watch Ultra repair costs vary and are constantly changing. We will keep updating this page so you can get an idea on what you should be paying for repairs in your area.

Date Device iTech Location Repair Cost

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