Apple device repair costs

However carefully you handle your electronic gadgets, at some point one or more of them will either get damaged or something will go wrong. When the inevitable happens, and you need to get an iPhone, iPad, Mac, iMac, MacBook, or Apple Watch repair done, you needn’t search all over the internet for an expert to do the work for you. Our network of iTechs are ready and willing to repair your Apple device wherever you are in the UK. All the members of our network are well-established and experienced technicians, who can repair or maintain your Apple device quickly and professionally.

Our members offer a choice of convenient repair services, including calling out the iTech to your home or workplace, or dropping your iPhone or iPad into your nearest repair centre. It’s totally free of charge to get a quote for your repair work, either online or by phone, and because our network reaches all parts of the UK, there is always an iTech close at hand to repair your iPhone screen or upgrade your Apple laptop computer software/hardware. The great advantage of calling on an iTech to repair your device is that they are all independent businesses. This means that they can not only tailor their repair services to meet your own exact requirements, they can ensure you get the best possible deal when it comes to repair costs too.

Average repair costs near you

There are so many different models of iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Macs out there, with so many variations in repair services, it is impossible to give a definitive list of repair costs. However, a survey of our iTechs has come up with this helpful table for cost comparison – it is a useful indication of how much you could expect to pay.


Date Device iTech Location Repair Cost
08-05-2020 iPad 7 A4Service Glenluce Front glass repair (glass only) £165.00
30-03-2020 iPhone 7 Mobile Repair UK Runcorn Battery replacement £20.00
02-03-2020 iPhone 8 iRepair Nottingham Battery replacement £40.00
19-02-2020 iPad Air 2 Lee's iPhones Wokingham Screen repair (LCD & Glass) £140.00
17-02-2020 iPhone 6s Mac Repair Nottingham Nottingham Battery replacement £45.00
03-02-2020 iPad 2 RL Supplies Ltd Watford Front glass repair (glass only) £35.00
31-01-2020 iPad 6 Simply Repair Swansea Front glass repair (glass only) £95.00
27-01-2020 iPhone 6s i-Squad Witham Charging port repair £40.00
24-01-2020 iPhone 7 Plus Mobile Fone Experts Felixstowe Screen repair (LCD & Glass) £70.00
19-01-2020 iPhone 7 Phone Inspector Chatham Screen repair (LCD & Glass) £50.00
17-01-2020 iPhone 6s Apple Repair Co Braintree Screen repair (LCD & Glass) £70.00
08-01-2020 iPad 5 Simply Repair Swansea Charging port repair £85.00
27-12-2019 iPhone XS Gadget Clinic Ltd Bolton Screen repair (LCD & Glass) £95.00
20-12-2019 iPhone 6s LeoMax Edinburgh Loudspeaker repair £25.00
18-12-2019 iPhone 8 Apple Repair Co Braintree Screen repair (LCD & Glass) £70.00
17-12-2019 iPad 5 Titan IT Repairs Glasgow Battery replacement £75.00
16-12-2019 iPad 6 Pratts Pods Wokingham Battery replacement £85.00
09-12-2019 iPhone 8 Mobile Repair UK Runcorn Screen repair (LCD & Glass) £50.00
08-12-2019 iPhone 7 RL Supplies Ltd Watford Screen repair (LCD & Glass) £35.00
08-12-2019 iPhone 6 iSurgeon Leicester Battery replacement £30.00
04-12-2019 iPad 2 Phone Solutions Corby LCD repair £40.00
04-12-2019 iPad Air 2 Gadget Clinic Ltd Bolton Screen repair (LCD & Glass) £120.00
03-12-2019 iPad Pro 12.9 SmartFone Bishopbriggs Screen repair (LCD & Glass) £140.00
03-12-2019 iPhone 7 i-Squad Chelmsford Charging port repair £60.00
02-12-2019 iPhone SE FonesTech Codsall Codsall Microphone repair £35.00
18-11-2019 iPhone 7 Phone Solutions Corby Screen repair (LCD & Glass) £50.00
16-11-2019 iPad Mini 4 Pratts Pods Wokingham Battery replacement £85.00
15-11-2019 MacBook Air iSurgeon Leicester Screen repair / replacement £450.00
14-11-2019 iPhone X MobiTechs Stockport Screen repair (LCD & Glass) £150.00
13-11-2019 iPhone 8 Square Repair Ltd Aldgate Power button repair £50.00
12-11-2019 iPhone X Tarleton Fones & Computing Tarleton Screen repair (LCD & Glass) £120.00
11-11-2019 iPhone SE Notebooks 2 Go / Tech Repair Westbury Westbury Battery replacement £40.00
11-11-2019 iPhone 6 Tarleton Fones & Computing Preston Battery replacement £30.00
07-11-2019 MacBook Air PC Express Business Ltd Sale Screen repair / replacement £250.00
06-11-2019 iPhone 8 Phone Inspector Chatham Screen repair (LCD & Glass) £70.00
06-11-2019 iPhone 7 Lee's iPhones Bracknell Screen repair (LCD & Glass) £65.00

Why do Apple repair costs vary?

Searching the internet for ‘iPhone screen repair near me’ or ‘iPad repair near me’ will inevitably result in a long list of both local and national businesses who will be happy to do the repair for you. The problem is that all their projected costs (and their turnaround times) will be different - if they quote specifics at all, and it will be up to you to sift through them to find the best available deal. To cut to the chase more quickly and easily, we recommend that you request one or more free no-obligation quotes for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, iMac, MacBook, or Apple Watch repair from members of the iTechnician network. Once you have your quotes, you can more easily compare them on a like-for-like basis.

Have you ever wondered why there is such a variation in the cost of repairs, even between iTechnician members? Our iTechs have all made a commitment to offer the best quality repairs at the most competitive prices, but even then, the repair costs will be different based on a number of factors – here are a few of the main ones:

Genuine or equivalent parts?

Original Apple parts:

Assuming your device is only just out of warranty, and therefore still fairly new and current, you will probably want to get it repaired using original parts. If you send your item back to the manufacturer for repair, they will use original parts, but did you know that some of our iTechs are Apple certified technicians and can also access exactly the same parts? They can do the same repair for you, more quickly and almost invariably more cheaply, with the added bonus of personal service – what’s not to love about that?

A lower cost option:

Using original parts (where available) may be best practice, but it can also seem rather expensive. To cater for repairs where the original and genuine parts may no longer be in production, or where cost is an issue, there is also a ready supply of ‘equivalent’ aftermarket parts available. Equivalent parts are manufactured to similar standards and specifications as original parts, but are not made by the original manufacturer. They are therefore of near-like quality as the originals and operate in the same way, but they usually cost less – in some cases quite a bit less.

If you want your iPhone, iPad, Apple Mac, or Apple Watch repaired at the lowest possible price, you may opt for the use of equivalent parts rather than original parts. You will still end up with a high-quality result, but the repair costs can be kept to a minimum. With older devices, original manufacturer parts may simply be unobtainable. Your best option is to put your repair into the capable hands of a highly-experienced iTech, and they will source the best possible aftermarket parts available to get your old faithful Apple device working again.

Repair prices where you are located

It is a fact of life that prices in general do vary across the UK, with prices in the South tending to be higher than in the North. Your location will affect repair costs, as well as access to the different types of repair services available. For example, if you live in a remote rural area, you will probably have a more limited set of call-out options than if you were located within easy reach of a town or within a city. The presence of other repair centres in the local area can also result in lower prices than if any one individual repairer has a monopoly over the local area. The good news for users of iTechnician though is that no matter what the regional variations, we can ensure you get easy access to the widest possible selection of all the available options on both price and service

Get quotes before committing

Because there are variations in prices and service options, we always recommend that you ask for one or more quotes before you decide on which iTech to use. You can get an online quote by filling in our simple quote form on, or you can call one or more of the iTechs direct to discuss your own individual requirements. Whichever option you choose, you will not be charged anything for the quote, and asking for one puts you under no obligation whatsoever to proceed. However, once you see the prices, we are convinced you’ll be happy to go ahead.