The aim of iTechnician is to give Apple device users all across the UK easy access to Apple repair experts, both locally and nationally. A selection of professional iTechs who have accumulated years of experience in delivering reliable, cost-effective repairs for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Apple Mac computers.

iTech replacing the screen on an iPhone

Whatever the problem you may have encountered with your Apple product, there will be someone locally who can offer a walk-in, while you wait or same day repair service. You could also choose a repair centre who can collect, repair and return your device, or a more remote location with a secure mail-in option may be the best for you – the choice is always yours.

Our iTechs tell us that the most frequent jobs they are called upon to do are iPhone screen repairs – after all, the screen is the centre of operations for the iPhone, and being made of glass, one of the most vulnerable parts. However, our iTechs are capable of fixing many other problems too, so let’s take a look at some of them:

iPhone screen repairs

Most screen repairs and screen replacements can be completed within 30 minutes, and within our network, we have a number of iTechnicians who wholly specialise in this type of repair. These specialists tend to be mobile services, typically operating in and around cities, who will come to your office, home or college to do an iPhone screen repair. However, as iPhone screen replacement is the most common type of iPhone repair, all our iTechnicians are capable of delivering this service, usually while you wait.

The type of screen repair needed will depend upon the type of problem you have encountered. In some cases, only the front glass needs to be replaced. In other cases, the whole display will need replacing – your iTech will advise on the most cost-effective solution to your particular iPhone screen problem.

iPhone battery replacements

When your iPhone was new, it would charge quickly and hold that charge for the requisite length of time. However, batteries age, and if you find your iPhone battery is not charging and is fading too quickly, it may be time for a replacement. iPhone battery replacement takes our iTechs under 30 minutes to complete, and can often be done while you wait. Once your iPhone has a new, high-quality battery fitted, you will be delighted with the improvement in charging time and duration.

iPhone charging port cleaning or replacement

When you plug your Lightning connector into your iPhone, you may notice that the connection doesn’t feel as positive as it used to. When you plug in your iPhone to charge it, the charging symbol may not be displayed. Both these symptoms indicate a charging port problem. Put your iPhone into the hands of an iTech, and they will get to the source of the problem at once. In some cases, the charging port is simply clogged with fluff, dirt and general debris, so a good clean will solve the issue. If the port is clean but not connecting properly, it could need to be replaced. You can trust the iTech to make the right decision, and solve your charging port problems quickly and economically.

Liquid damaged iPhones

It is so easy to damage your iPhone if it comes into contact with liquid – either being left out in the rain, or dropped into a puddle, a swimming pool, or (it does happen) the loo! Once you have rescued it and dried the exterior of your iPhone, you need to get it into the capable hands of your nearest iTechnician as quickly as possible before the liquid that may have got inside the phone does further damage.

The first thing your iTech will do is to dry and clean the iPhone, then run a series of diagnostics to see what (if any) internal damage has occurred. At this stage, a decision will need to be made as to the economics of performing a repair – does it make sense to spend time and money repairing your liquid damaged iPhone, or is it beyond economic repair? You can put your trust in the expertise of the iTech to advise on the most sensible decision. If the repair is feasible, the iTech will get to work to put right any damage, and get your iPhone operating as good as new.

Don’t know what’s wrong with your iPhone?

If the iPhone is beyond repair, don’t despair. Many iTechnicians buy unwanted iPhones for cash, or as part of a trade-in deal – even non-working handsets, so you may be able to recoup a little of your losses, and get a new or refurbished iPhone into the bargain.

Not all faults have obvious causes, so most of our iTechnicians offer a diagnostics service, using their expertise to find out the cause of a fault before providing a quote to fix the problem. If you decide to get the repair done then and there, any diagnostics cost may be included in the price of the repair. If you decide not to proceed with the repair, there may be a small charge depending on the complexity of the diagnostics process and the time it has taken. Where the diagnostics process was quick and simple, there may be nothing to pay under our iTechnicians’ no fix, no fee promise.

Free, no-obligation repair quotes

When you ask for us for a series of free no-obligation quotes for your Apple device repair, you will notice that the prices will usually vary. While our iTechs always do their best to offer the best possible prices in the local area, there will always be some variation in the prices you will be quoted due to a number of factors.