We are delighted to be able to announce that the popular iTechnician website, which has been in operation since 2011, has undergone a total revamp. Welcome to iTechnician.com – your on-demand tech repair service for iPhones, iPads, Macs, iMacs, MacBooks, & Apple Watches. This means that our newly-relaunched website is now even more flexible, and is your best option when you are seeking Apple device repair services. We are proud to continue to offer the quickest and simplest way to get in touch with local, expert repairers, who can offer you great deals on all your Apple repairs, whatever the make or model.

Access to the best in the business

Our iTechs are located all across the UK, and between them, they have an enormous breadth of experience and a wide range of areas of expertise and specialisms. Their skills range from straightforward iPhone screen repairs to complex motherboard micro-soldering; from phone personalisation and unlocking to upgrading Apple Macs. Whether you are in England, Wales, Ireland or Scotland, there will always be someone within reach who can solve your particular problem. One thing you can be sure of – wherever the repair centre is based, and whatever special skills the iTechs may have, they all share a real commitment to delivering the highest possible quality of service, at the best possible prices. You can be sure of always getting the best deal when you search for a repair for your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch through iTechnician.com.

How does iTechnician.com work?

We are a UK-wide network of independent Apple tech repair experts, and our aim is to deliver a step-change in the way Apple device repair and maintenance services are delivered to customers.

Put simply, people in need of an iPhone screen repair, a MacBook screen replacement, or any type of repair to an iPad can ask for a free, no-obligation online quote for the work. Our online system will pass the quote request to all the iTechs in the local area, who are both available and capable of doing the repair, and they can supply a quote for the work. The customer can then choose one of the quotes to take forward – our service is quick, simple and totally free of charge.

We take advantage of online systems as a way of maximising speed of response and minimising costs, and because all our iTechs are independent operators, they are able to offer better flexibility on pricing and service than if they were members of a national franchise. We believe our operating model is unique, and offers best practice in terms of response speed, service quality, ease of customer access, and above all, great value for money.

Why use us?

We have a goal to become the number one supplier of on-demand repair and maintenance services for all models of iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches. We aim to reach this goal through the delivery of the highest levels of customer service, speed of response, ease of use and value for money for all our customers. So why use us? Simply because we aim to be the best at what we do.